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We paid large sums of money to our underground sources partners around the world to provide us with very accurate soccer match information.

This piece of information is very vital as it will determine which team will win and which team will lose.

Our soccer tipsters will study this piece of accurate soccer match information together with the data collected from our computer analysis.

Our computer analysis includes past statistics of teams, team line-ups, current form of teams and players, team formations and etc.

UniTipster are released after much meticulous calculations to our customers to ensure highest quality and accuracy.

About UniTipster

UniTipster is created with cooperation of small group tipsters and punters from Europe. In the begining we were just successful bettors with strong knowledge, betting strategy and rules. When we combined our skills we became profitable tipsters with affordable prices. Most of us are participating in other tipping websites and companies but are not happy of revenue, sallary, or conditions. That`s why we are united and together created this website with good football predictions/football tips and balanced prices. We don`t claim that we are the best tipping team, but one of the best in Europe and good enough to make profit with us.

Our team is a group of avid bettors with years of experience. The team includes algorithm developers, mathematicians, statisticians, software programmers and sport experts. During the last decade, we have tried various websites that provide sport prediction tips. Unfortunately, their prediction accuracy is usually poor, not to mention the fact that they provide only the final predictions. Any experienced bettor knows that the final predictions never suffice to determine the game outcome. The decision is usually based on the latest skills changes, resulting from the team dynamics and the latest team news. UniTipster provides team skills vs. time, calculated using the data from the latest games only.

Currently, UniTipster provides predictions for all major soccer leagues. Prediction accuracy is high for soccer and can be applicable to other sports as well. We continue adding new soccer leagues and other sports like basketball, hockey, baseball and american football.

UniTipster is a site from bettors to bettors. Let's bet and win together.

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